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This page is a good starting point for anyone new to the Financial Canadian blog. Here I list 10 blog posts that will give you a sense of what this blog is all about, and will give you a crash course in personal finance.

  1. Ten Guiding Principles of Personal Finance
  2. Seven Ways to Make Education Affordable
  3. Pay Down Debt or Invest?
  4. My Favorite Quotes About Investing
  5. The Sharpe Ratio: Measuring Risk and Return
  6. Analyzing Stock Volatility
  7. How to Pick the Best Online Broker
  8. Successful Networking Tips
  9. Bonds for the Beginner
  10. Big City Lifestyle – A Newcomer’s Perspective

As well, I’m a huge believer in reading good books. That’s why I wrote my post Three Books That Have Shaped my Investment Philosophy. Here are some books that I strongly believe will make you smarter about your finances and will shape you to be a better investor. 

Disclaimer: Clicking these links will bring you to an Amazon page where you can buy the books. If you purchase them, i get a small commission. I only recommend books (or other products) that I use myself and have personally benefited from. Read the Financial Canadian’s full disclaimer here.

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