Why I’ve Been Quiet on The Blog Lately

Hi there! Long time no see, I know.

I’m writing today with an update on this blog and other endeavours.

When I started this blog I committed to publishing a new post every Tuesday and Thursday. Looking back through my recent history, it’s clear that that hasn’t been the case in the last month or so. I’m sure many of you have been wondering why.

Well, there are a few reasons for this. First of all, my life has been tremendously busy with non-blog-related things. I’ve been working a lot and it’s been hard to find time to write on here (excuses excuses, I know).

More importantly, though, I’ve been exploring other avenues of the internet to drive new readership to my blog. This has been a focus for me since September. I’ve been guest posting on blogs across the Internet. Here’s a few examples:

Lately, something that’s kept me very busy is the writing that I have been doing for Seeking Alpha – the world’s largest source for crowdsources equity research.

I’ve been an avid user of Seeking Alpha for a long time now. Creating an account on their website allows you to “follow” certain companies and receive quality investment research about them in your email inbox. It’s been a great way for me to improve my writing skills and “crowd-test” my investment theses against other investors.

To date, here is a list of my publication on Seeking Alpha:

  1. Brookfield: Diversification, Dividend Growth, and Promising Total Returns
  2. Enbridge: Incredible Dividend Growth Creates A Compelling Value Proposition
  3. My Least Favorite Canadian Bank
  4. Manulife: An Attractive Valuation With A Focus On Technology
  5. The Fastest-Growing Canadian Telecom Also Has The Cheapest Valuation? Yes Please.
  6. Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners: A Bet On The Inevitable Growth In Renewable Energy
  7. Quantitative Comparison: The ‘Big Five’ Canadian Banks – Part I
  8. Dream Office REIT: Still Trading At A Significant Discount After NAV Writedown
  9. Quantitative Comparison: The ‘Big Five’ Canadian Banks – Part II
  10. A Detailed Look At CN Rail’s Most Recent Earnings Report
  11. CIBC’s Acquisition of PrivateBancorp Was Certainly Expensive – But Does It Present An Arbitrage Opportunity?
  12. The Most Obvious ‘Buy’ Among The Canadian Banks
  13. 2 Reasons To Believe In Long-Term Dividend Investing, and  Ways To Boost Income
  14. What Investors Should Learn From Canadian Pacific Railway’s Q3 Earnings Report
  15. Brookfield Business Partners – A New Way To Invest With Brookfield
  16. Disciplined Cost Management, Strong Asset Base and Innovation in Technology Make Barrick The Leader of the Gold Industry
  17. What’s Behind Alimentation Couche-Tard’s Impressive Streak?
  18. Enbridge Earnings Report: Asset Monetization, Spectra Transaction, and Flat Adjusted EPS Numbers
  19. Everything You Need To Know About Fairfax’s Q3 Earnings Report
  20. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners: Strong Industry Dynamics, Talented Management Team, and Q3 Results
  21. Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners: A Q3 Earnings Update
  22. Agrium: A Q3 Update Ahead of the Potash Merger
  23. Duke Energy: Q3 Earnings
  24. AmerisourceBergen: An Update After The Release of Q4 Financial Results
  25. Why Did CVS Tank After A Quarter of Fundamentally Good Earnings?

As you can see, I’ve certainly been busy. I’m focused for the next six months on growing this blog that can help people reach financial freedom.

Stay tuned for more!

2 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Quiet on The Blog Lately

  1. Thanks for the detailed list of all your investment writing – you certainly have been busy! I also really enjoyed your guest post on Financial Uproar Thanks for sharing!

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