maple leaf question markAfter my first year of university, I landed a sweet internship at a Big Five Canadian bank, at the branch level. I was exposed to all sorts of complicated financial information without really needing to understand any of it – mutual funds, mortgages, and other complicated financial products were not part of my job description at the time. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t extremely interesting!

So, I did what any inquisitive 20-year old would do in the 21st century. Evenings after work were spent on the computer, using Google to figure all this stuff out. I create the Financial Canadian blog with the goal of consolidating all of my learning about finance in one place, for the benefit of other people. 


You’re interested in learning about investing – making your money work for you (rather than you working for your money).

You’re interested in retiring early.

You don’t understand mutual funds, and aren’t sure where to park your hard-earned savings.

You’re ready to escape your day job.

You have a curious mind and are ready to learn.

With that being said, I strongly believe that 99% of the population could learn a thing or two from reading this blog. I put a lot of efforts into my posts to ensure they’re free of fluff and full of content that will truly benefit my readers. 

Enough talking – get out there and start reading!

The Financial Canadian

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  1. Hi,

    I am Canadian and I retired four years ago, and am now learning about investing and investments. I wish to receive future posts. Thanks.

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